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SUNNY - Long Winter Dress {Made With Love <3} DAE & IAR

SUNNY – Long Winter Dress {Made With Love <3} DAE & IAR

\   This beautiful mesh dress is great for elegant winter dancing! The alpha covers the legs and part of the torso. This is a one sided plane, so this is best when standing. The DAE is for in case you want to upload it yourself, change it, arrange it, etc. You may use the...
SUNNY - Winter Hanging Flower Basket DAE and IAR

SUNNY – Winter Hanging Flower Basket DAE and IAR

Not for commercial use in any way. Enjoy the winter season and the holidays, my dears! You can, of course, change this to other textures at will. The textures themselves are pretty straight forward. Since virtual worlds don’t support two-sided planes, keep in mine that there are two sides to the overhanging flowers, and, there...
Witch`s House (Kleines Hexenhäuschen) Mesh-Iar

Witch`s House (Kleines Hexenhäuschen) Mesh-Iar

Low Poly Mesh House. Faces:244 / Land impact: only one Prim Please leave a comment or quick feedback.Thanks (3) Looks great (1) Make more like this (2) Easy to use (0) I used it (0) Needs instructions (0) Incomplete (0) Import problems (0) Unclear license (0) License too restrictive (0) This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported.

OSAvatars Spring Collection by Ina Centaur

Ina Centaur made this collection available last year under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license, yet the site OSAvatars.com seems to be down as of recently, which is why I’m uploading it here under the same terms. For those who don’t know, the file is an inventory archive which contains a good collection of skins,...